The final section of the Pantanal telenovela is one of

The final section of the Pantanal telenovela is one of discovery and plenty of emotion; Impressive scenes were performed


The soap opera, which is a hit with audiences, is in its final week

By Julia Beraldi

02.10.2022 13:32 BRT

02.10.2022 13:32 BRT

Photo: Reproduction / TV GloboPhoto: Reproduction / TV GloboJulia Beraldi

THE Roman Pantanal is coming to an end and the viewers can expect a lot of emotion in the last chapters of the storyline, which is very popular with the audience. The soap opera’s departure will bring more deaths, special weddings, pregnancy announcements, and plenty of viewer trouble Jumalived by Alanis Guillen, one of the main characters of the novel.

Like all good soap operas, Pantanal will have weddings. After many personal difficulties, mostly with the trauma of saying “I love you”, Ze Leoncio (Marcos Palmeir) will finally ask tribe (Dira Paes) in marriage. But this will not be the only wedding, two more weddings will take place on Leôncio’s farm: sister (Camila Morado) will exchange alliances with Jose Lucas (Irandhir Santos) and a Squidward (José Loreto) very insecure, he is dragged to the altar and is happy when he sees his zefa (Paula Barbosa) as Bride.

Last week there was a big argument about the old man’s heirloom young (Irandhir Santos). The cattle king’s sons compete in a horse race Squidward will do better. Another scene that the viewer of wetland will also accompany the long procession of Alcides (Juliano Cazarré) until he managed to liquidate tenor (Murilo Benicio). The farmer will argue with you bruaca (Isabel Teixeira), but will continue the plan with the Zangaia in hand. zaquieu (Silvero Pereira) help Alcides on the mission.

One of the most anticipated sequences from the nine o’clock soap opera is the end of tenor, and the information is that the character of Juliano Cazarré will kill the character played by Murilo Benício with the help of Zaquieu. Tadeu will discover after overhearing a conversation behind the door that he is not the biological son of Ze Leoncio and it will shake you. Juma, on the other hand, will not have an easy week either. This is because after the death of tenor, Renato (Gabriel Santana) will invade the farm in search of revenge. He will try to speak up zaquieu and it gets worse.