The Ferragnez take Rai after Chiara in Sanremo comes Fedez

The Ferragnez take Rai: after Chiara in Sanremo comes Fedez

Once again, one has the impression that the Sanremo Festival wants to give more space to the guests than to the singers who will be performing at the next edition. Announcement with great pomp for the male, who will take the stage of the Ariston Theater for the third time in three years. In our country, form has replaced content, and the more they are celebrated and presented as stars, the more they may be perceived as such by the public. But there is another phenomenon that Rai seems determined to want, and that of Ferragnez. Yes, since Chiara Ferragni’s presence on stage for two evenings was not enough, it now seems that (as expected from Dagospia) her husband Fedez has his own space in addition to his performance on the Costa ship anchored off the coast of Sanremo will have Rai2 in the days of the festival.

Everything in the family, in short, for the Ferragnez family, who have chosen a villa on the hills behind the City of Flowers as their base of operations, to which not only they but the entire clan, made up of the digital entrepreneur’s sisters, will move , the make-up artists, friends etc. The reason why Rai decided to a fedez A daily streak on Rai2 is not clear, but what the Roberto D’Agostino-run website reports is also confirmed in Fedez’s (now useless) advances on his Instagram stories. In fact, it now seems certain that the rapper will be launching his own podcast.Wild Moss” broadcast every day 10 minutes after Tg2 and before the start of the Sanremo Festival, of course so as not to hinder the Amadeus event.

So Chiara Ferragni will not only be the only co-host two evenings of the festival, besides the most prestigious, the first and last bones, but her husband will have his own space in Rai and will host during the event. The company’s intention to max out the Ferragnez phenomenon is evident, and who knows if the little ones will perform surprisingly but not too much at the Ariston Theater Leo and Victoriachildren of the presenter.