The federated members of Cienfuegos hold a plenary session

The federated members of Cienfuegos hold a plenary session

This Wednesday, the 23rd, the plenary session of the Federation of Cuban Women in Cienfuegos (FMC) was held, where a detailed report was presented and discussed, summarizing all the actions carried out by this union in 2022.

Ana Ivis Gómez, president of the mass organization here, moderated the meeting where more than 20 federated women debated mainly on teenage pregnancies, the performance of the so-called health brigades and the call to strengthen the sense of belonging of young women towards the federation.

“We have worked systematically with a group of actions aimed at achieving the goals of the National Party Congress and Goal No. 11 of the X Congress, with a direct focus on prevention and social welfare as the core of ideological political work with families and youth and young people,” he explained.

The most debated topic, early pregnancy, referred to the high number of 545 pregnant adolescents, “a number that at this point is increasing by 66 more compared to last year, with the municipality of Aguada de Pasajeros being the one with the highest incidence at 12 Girls, since they’re between 14 and 19 years old,” Gómez said.

This was one of the shortcomings highlighted during the reporting period; the systematic prevention work with this age group as well as the differentiated attention to the centers and women’s prisons.

Odaly Quero Rodríguez, President of the Paraíso People’s Council, spoke about the opportunities women have today to access new forms of productive economic management, with a focus on micro, small and medium-sized enterprises, in non-agricultural UEBs and local development projects.

was mentioned National Program for the Advancement of Womenwhich strengthens the legal awareness of the association women in the country, since, for example, the self-employment label creates conditions and incentives for them to be official owners of such MSMEs.

Another fundamental point in the work of the FMC is the integral transformation of the neighborhoods, the training of the cadres in mastering the methods for projects with social impact, the visits to the military units where the women are associated with the FAR, the creation of Workshop houses in the communities and joint plenary sessions with the women who manage economic resources to avoid crime and illegality.

The federated members of Cienfuegos hold a plenary sessionPhoto: by the author