The featherweight spends 32000 on tennis for himself and his

The featherweight spends $32,000 on tennis for himself and his team, including a gift to Nicki Nicole

WELL, THAT’S YOU. – The renowned singer of Corridos Tumbados Featherweight, who is at the peak of his success and is not afraid to enjoy the luxuries that his fame offers him. In recent weeks, a video has been circulating that has caused a stir on social networks, in which the artist demonstrates his generosity and love for luxury sneakers.

The singer, famous for hits like “She dances alone‘ left his followers speechless with an extravagant purchase Luxury sneakers worth more than $32,000. However, what has attracted even more attention is the speculation about a special gift that would be part of this expensive series of shoes that was apparently destined for Argentina Nicky Nicolea renowned artist.

Although neither of the two involved has commented on their romantic relationship, they have left clues that raise suspicions of a romance.

Singer Nicki Nicole hinted in an interview that she had a date with someone special in Mallorca, without giving details. However, netizens noticed coincidences that suggested that it was his compatriot he was referring to.

For his part, the singer of Corridos Tumbados made an insightful comment in the MTV VMA’Swhich confirms that his heart is not alone at the moment, leading to speculation that Nicki Nicole could be the owner of his heart.

Featherweight buys tennis for millions

The million-dollar purchase of luxurious tennis shoes for him and his entire team, which also includes two pairs of the coveted model Air Jordan 4 “Thunder”one of which is believed to have been a gift from the singer Nicky Nicole. This gesture further increased suspicions of a possible romance between the two.