The Farm Peons fight after Alex complained about noise made

The Farm: Peons fight after Alex complained about noise made by Thomaz and Tati during the night and Peo…


Alex said he couldn’t sleep because of the couple’s behavior

By Julia Beraldi

10/02/2022 19:07 BRT

10/02/2022 19:07 BRT

Photo: Play/Record TVPhoto: Play/Record TVJulia Beraldi

Alex and tati discussed this Sunday afternoon (2) in the A Fazenda 14. The reason for this was that the worker was complaining about the trouble sleeping he was having due to the noise she and her partner were making Thomas did overnight. Alex stated that he couldn’t sleep because of the couple’s nightly giggles after the lights went out.

Alex commented on the awkward situation and how he gets annoyed when disturbed at bedtime: “It doesn’t keep the cat awake at night. That was the first thing I said in the interview. Alex, what will irritate you the most? take my sleep B#st@ clothes are getting too small for what I’m doing,” he said.

The couple’s noise would also disturb other participants in the program. During a conversation with some colleagues, the servant also joked about the situation of Tati and Thomaz: “I’ll cut her hair while she sleeps,” he said. Alexmake Deborah laugh, Strawberry Shortcake, Barbara and skinwho also talked about it.

tati made it his mission to comment on the statements of ironically Alex: “Then you see my husband arriving there in a very nice little jumpsuit. It’s nice, yes, if it weren’t I wouldn’t have laughed so much,” she said. tatirefers to the clothes that Thomas used for fire protection.