The Farm 14 Petal goes down the woods in Shay

The Farm 14: Petal goes ‘down the woods’ in Shay and slams farmhand’s behavior: ‘I’m very disgusted’


Tempers among those trapped heat up. Petal insisted and decided to speak his mind

By Ysac Freitas

10/02/2022 10:13pm BRT

10/02/2022 10:13pm BRT

Photo 1: reproduction/television recording  Photo 2: reproduction/television recordingPhoto 1: reproduction/television recording Photo 2: reproduction/television recordingYsac Freitas

Fazenda 14 kept the public out to share opinions about the inmates. The rural reality bullshit only gets stronger as the game progresses. Finally, in the reality game Discord, Pétala “burns” the Shayan pawn.

Petal eventually settled on Shayan being next out of lockdown. “I want it to burn. I’ll name the reasons: I think every woman has a weakness here, he’s already over the woman,” the influencer began. She also mentioned the fact that Shay was walking around the house in white swimming trunks, which caused some uneasiness and disrespect. “I’m very disgusted,” he clarified.

Petala also spoke of the farmer’s involvement with farmer Kerline, which the public does not yet know where this might end. “In one moment, while they were lying in bed, he kept looking at me. I felt an evil look, I didn’t like the look. I want to clarify that I wasn’t the only one who noticed. I find it very disrespectful to her as a woman, to me as a woman who is not single here I found it very low,” she said.

Shay did not remain silent and hit the pawn. “You’re raising points I disagree with, but okay, it’s your opinion. I’m there to play and it’s ok I don’t mind,” Shay replied. However, Kerline said during the reality party that she realized Shay didn’t like what she was hearing, so she took the step to walk away.