quotThe farm 14quot After the disappearance of Tiago Ramos PlayPlus

"The farm 14": After the disappearance of Tiago Ramos, PlayPlus goes off the air, irritating netizens

After the disappearance of Tiago Ramos in

After the disappearance of Tiago Ramos in “A Fazenda 14”, PlayPlus goes off the air, irritating netizens (Photo: Reproduction/PlayPlus)

After the disappearance of Thiago Ramoswhich “A Fazenda 14” allegedly abandoned, PlayPlus, Record TV’s streaming platform, went off the air, eventually causing irritation among netizens who subscribe to the service to follow rural reality in full.

The platform had been down for about twenty minutes this Saturday morning (1st) when pedestrians began to notice Tiago’s absence from the house. “Our services are currently unavailable. We are working to restore all services as soon as possible. Please come back soon,” read a message on PlayPlus.

Internet users were outraged on social networks: “I never subscribed to PlayPlus. I think it’s a lack of respect that those who pay for TV don’t get what’s on offer,” criticized one. “Let’s make a concerted effort and end PlayPlus,” suggested another. Check out the reactions:

Disappear Tiagos

After several threats Thiago Ramos “A Fazenda 14” may have really given up this Saturday morning (1st). During the “Meets of the Mediterranean” party, the model again spoke about leaving the reality show, was comforted by friends in custody, but disappeared from the program’s headquarters and had not been seen by other passersby until this morning.

During the party, “Neydrasto” tried to jump over the fence in the animal area to reach the spot where the retirement bell is. However, Tiago was stopped by his friends who tried to convince him otherwise. Despite this, he became desperate and asked to be kicked out of the program as they would not let him resign.

Barreiros Petal was still trying to contain it again while the model kept trying to leave HQ but was discouraged Ellen Strawberry Shortcake not to waste his strength: “Let him jump over the fence. At most he would get lost in the middle of the bush,” explained the dancer.

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In Tiago’s social networks, those responsible revealed that they have no information about the whereabouts of the pedestrian: “We are also waiting for more information about Tiago with our ‘Kingo’,” he wrote.