The exciting Netflix film based on a true story    Trend

The exciting Netflix film based on a true story Trend

Based on a true event, this great story explores the theme of time. Available on Netflix, here is a great movie for all lovers of theatre.

The exciting Netflix film is based on a true story

The title of the story is The buried ship, and is the story of an expedition to find a missing treasure. With a great story and brilliant direction, Netflix offers this movie directed by director Simon Stone.

The Dig features an excellent cast of notable actors to name a few Lily James and Ralph Fiennes. The film was shot in 2021 and is set in England, in a perfect setting for those who love films that plunge you into the distant past.

Awarded for Soundtracks and Screenplays, The film is based on a 2007 book. For this he was highly praised and received incredible reviews from viewers and critics. Despite History deals with the subject of archaeological excavations, other themes involving love and dramatic moments are also intertwined. Love for time is certainly a painful and desperate feeling in a welcoming historical climate the dramatic event of World War II.

The disabled love of the two protagonists is portrayed masterfully, in a context made by Pain, violence and tragedy, but also the need to dream, love and let your emotions run free. All this mixture of themes creates an enchanting story for the viewers.

The plot of the film: a secret to be found and a love suffered

In 1939, in connection with the war in England, he lives in a village Ms Petti. The woman has lost her husband and believes there are archaeological remains among her possessions. So call the experts to find out the truth. And that’s right, there is one ancient ship being exhumed by archaeologists of the British Museum. In addition, the existence of a large and very old treasure is discovered inside the ship.

At this point comes a turning point, indeed it will be necessary to understand whether the discovery should be declared the property of the widow Petty, or whether it is a national treasure to be entrusted to the British Museum. From here the situation gets more complicated, in a story that also includes a complex loveinfluenced by social situations that impede the relationship, all in a reality oppressed by the arrival of war.

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