The exact dates confirming the collaboration between Karol G and

The exact dates confirming the collaboration between Karol G and Shakira to complete the funeral of Gerard Piqué

Seemingly Shakira does not intend to rest Gerard Pique Well, there are some data confirming a long-awaited collaboration between the player’s ex and his fellow Colombian Karol G. Fans of both have been waiting for this musical collaboration for years and apparently the time has come when they are not satisfied with the darts that Shakira already released in his Bizarrap Music Sessions, the song that goes with it Carol G would be the last funeral for Gerard Pique since the new letter would also affect the player and his infidelity.

Carol G On other occasions he tried to carry out this collaboration with Shakira, but apparently the Colombian production would have ruled out this possibility more than once. Carol G In this regard, she always expressed respect, as she was convinced that the cooperation would sooner or later fail Shakira would take place and she wasn’t wrong. This time Gerard Pique Apparently it doesn’t get exempted either, because it looks like it Shakira He still has a few things to say to you.

Just a few days ago, the signs that led to a wave of rumors about the confirmation of this collaboration began Shakira Y Carol G. One of those first clues the Colombians left is that they could see Carol G wearing a top that said “I’m good with you” in an NBA game, and everyone thinks that phrase refers to the letter Shakira dedicated Gerard Pique in his latest song with bizarre rap, which has already accumulated more than 200,000,000 views worldwide.

On the other hand, according to the series of clues, the fans of Shakira Y Carol G They began searching, an official confirmation from Sony arrived stating that the musical collaboration between the two Colombians is confirmed and that a new musical bombshell is coming that seems set to explode Gerard Pique against the ropes or so at least a lot of fans of Shakira who made you want more in the compatriot’s latest single Carol G.

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Apparently and so the top Carol G revealed in this NBA game, Gerard Pique far from being able to relax since then Shakira Now that she is completely free of her obligation and already has custody of her children and their support in view of her career, she does not seem to have been satisfied with the lines she shared with the Argentine producer and dedicated to him maybe there will be charges against him again in this long-awaited collaboration, the fans of both Carol G What Shakira they have waited so long.

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