The elimination of CO2, a key lever against global warming

The elimination of CO2, a key lever against global warming

The Icelandic site of the Swiss start-up Climeworks captures CO2 directly from the ambient air in order to store it in the ground. Cover Pictures/ABACA

DECRYPTION – Beyond reducing emissions, the focus must be on innovation to eliminate the existing inventory.

Reducing CO2 emissions is essential to limit global warming. But that’s not enough. We must also multiply action to eliminate carbon stocks. Forests, catchment areas, peat bogs … the current projects are currently largely insufficient to achieve global climate goals, according to a study on the “Status of carbon dioxide elimination” carried out by the University of Oxford.

About two billion tons of carbon dioxide are removed from the atmosphere each year, largely thanks to forests, while global emissions reach 40 billion tons. Investments in new CO2 removal technologies are not growing fast enough. Governments have invested US$4.2 billion in research and development for CO2 elimination since 2010 and China, as is so often the case, is very present in these new technologies. Beijing applies for a third of the patents.

In December, the Ministry…

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