The dream journey ends in tragedy Elena killed by a

The dream journey ends in tragedy. Elena killed by a van in Albania freedom

The dream journey ends in tragedy Elena killed by a

“Let’s go on a trip together for your birthday, three weeks away from everything,” her husband had told her Gennaro Mancuso. As Elena Radaelli She had ridden off with him on their motorcycles, which they fell in love with and even brought to the altar, exactly on September 17, 2020, in perfect biker style. And with them, on the adventure towards Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia, Montenegro, with the dream of going to Greece and Apulia, also the little dog Twin. The journey was recounted kilometer by kilometer on a Facebook page “Scoppiati in moto”, where instead there are only tears and eulogies.

In fact, Elena is no longer here. On Monday afternoon, September 19, she was hit by a van as she was leaving the campsite bar where she and her husband had stopped at the border with Albania in the village of Lin in Pogradec. Elena was only 31 years old and was transformed the day before her death. On Saturday the body will be transported to Italy, where we will await the date of the funeral, which will be celebrated in Fiorenzuola.

The young worker had lived in Piacenza for many years, but moved with her husband to Trezzo sull’Adda in the Milan area, where she worked with him at STMicroelectronics.

The seriously injured 31-year-old was loaded onto the rescue plane on the way to the trauma hospital in Tirana, but died shortly afterwards. The Korça police arrested the driver of the Benz van: a 33-year-old from Lushjna.


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