The dog’s reaction after realizing the owner didn’t let her outside is heart-melting

The dog’s reaction after realizing the owner didn’t let her outside is heart-melting

A dog named Dottie went viral for her reaction when she found her owner waiting for her after thinking she’d left without her.

In a video shared on TikTok by the dog owner, who goes by the username Dottieandme123, the dog can be seen waiting behind the door, worried about losing her human when the dog suddenly realizes she’s been calling her the entire time.

After the dog noticed her owner was still there, she changed her mood and started wagging her tail before running down the stairs to greet her owner. The post came with a caption that said, “She was crying and scratching my door.”

Dottie had been separated from her owner once before. Dottie’s owner adopted her as a pup in China, where she used to live, but when she had to return to the UK because of the pandemic, Dottie got stuck in China and the two were only reunited eight months later.

According to the ASPCA, separation from their guardians or people they are attached to can trigger separation anxiety in dogs; and escape attempts by dogs with separation anxiety are often extreme and can result in self-harm and household destruction, particularly near exit points such as windows and doors.

The latest report from the American Pet Products Association shows that by 2022, 70 percent of US households reported owning at least one pet, representing 90.5 million households nationwide; of these, 45.3 million are cats and 69 million are dogs.

The generation that owns the most pets is Millennials at 32 percent, followed by Baby Boomers at 27 percent, Gen X at 24 percent and finally Gen Z at 14 percent.

The video, which was first posted on the platform in early June, went viral, garnering over 33,400 likes, 103 comments and 86 re-shares. One user, Cleo Mae, commented, “Keep it quiet I’m trying to find my owner.” And x_Claire_x said, “Awww when she saw you.”

Becca Jayne Parmley wrote, “Her little face as she realized where you were.” And Tommy Ironside pointed out, “The little tilt of her head as she looked at you, so cute.” Marlenna_80 said, “Oh the relief. “

Another user, Sonic Of Sheffield, said: “Awww so cute the look on her face when she saw it [you] tho.” And bunny_mac78 said, “There’s no love like a dog’s.”

Miesha and Lady wrote: “She’s so precious.” And ecee017 joked: “She’s like mum let me in to be there oh moms.” Andrée Bacon Simon said: “Awww how she just ran to you .” And Emma Minni455 added: “Dotty literally refuses to believe her ears…”

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The internet was affected by a dog’s reaction when she found out her mother hadn’t left her alone. Above is an archive image of a happy dog. Getty Images