The dog rides the bus every day to visit the

The dog rides the bus every day to visit the owners at work; Video

There are many reasons that make a dog special, but this one stands out for a somewhat unprecedented reason. Denver, who lives in Guayaquil, Ecuador, has a home, a family and love, but his favorite free time is driving the bus.

And what makes the story even better is not only that, but the fate of the dog. He drives almost daily to the Gladys Shigla pet store, which is 16 blocks from his home and is owned by none other than its owners.

Yes, you read that. The route could very well be done on foot, during a neighborhood tour, but since he’s not being silly or anything, he’s going to explore by bus, which not only guarantees company for the ride but is a lot more convenient, right?

Denver was adopted by the family last year and developed this amazing habit just to be even closer to its owners. Very cute, isn’t it?

“Denver the dog who gets on bus 16 to buy his food at a veterinary camp,” wrote Denver owner Nicolás Sanga on Facebook.

It all started when Denver spotted movement outside their home and began following a neighbor as she walked to a bus stop, according to the Expreso news agency.

When he saw the woman get in, the little dog just did the same. Alert to the movement, the neighbor knew she couldn’t leave him alone on the bus and insisted on getting off at the exact stop next to the store to get Denver safely to the family.

Denver lives in Guayaquil, Ecuador. Denver lives in Guayaquil, Ecuador. (Photo: Facebook / Nicolás Sanga)

The owner of Denver even asked the driver at the time if Denver had at least paid for the ticket.

“He told me that he didn’t know where he climbed, but that he went through the back door because the sensor marked him with his tail,” said Glenda Avilés.

It only took Denver a while to learn the way and never stopped repeating it. Initially, of course, the dog’s parents were surprised by the attitude, but today it’s a part of everyday life for Denver and her family. In addition, car drivers know exactly which route the dog is taking and where it has to get out.

Watch the video:

This story is enough to leave anyone openmouthed, right? Not only is this pup very intelligent, but he also makes it a point to show all his love for his family every day. Just great!

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