The devil wears Prada 2 Actress says sequel makes no

The devil wears Prada 2? Actress says sequel makes no sense

Anne Hathaway commented on the possibility The devil Wears Prada earn a following. In an interview with The View, the actress believes a second feature doesn’t fit today. “I don’t know if there would be [uma continuação]”

“I just think this movie was made in a different time,” Hathaway said on the talk show. “Now everything has gone so digital, and this movie is centered around the concept of making something physical, and it’s very different. “

Although Anne wasn’t thinking of a sequel these days, she was fascinated with imagining the characters. “It’s tempting to think about Andy [personagem que interpretou] and Emily has to get Miranda a coffee and she’s somewhere in Europe. And on the way they pick up Stanley Tucci in Italy, who is at a restaurant. It’s tempting but I don’t think it’s going to happen,” he added.

Hathaway suggested “rereleasing” and “finding new people for it” “The Devil Wears Prada,” a sort of reboot of the franchise.

Adapted from the 2003 book of the same name, The Devil Wears Prada follows Andy, a freshman college grad with big dreams who works for the renowned fashion magazine Runway; Her role is to be the assistant to the fearless Miranda Priestly (Meryl Streep). As time goes on, Andy, uncomfortable in the tense work environment, questions his ability to continue in the role he has accepted.

Directed by David Frankelthe film also featured Stanley Tucci, Adrian Grenier, Tracie Thoms and rich summer. With a budget of $35 million, it was a resounding success, grossing over $326 million at the box office worldwide.

The Devil Wears Prada is available on Star+.

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