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The design sketch shows that Buick could be working on a more robust electric SUV – EcoloAuto

The design sketch shows that Buick could be working on.webpBuick electric SUV sketch | Photo: GM Design (Instagram)

  • From what we can see, this three-row SUV will combine more rugged elements with Buick’s new design.

  • This model could compete with the Rivian R1S and the Kia EV9.

  • This image was posted on GM Design’s Instagram account.

A concept sketch posted on Instagram by General Motors’ design department hints at what could happen at Buick by the end of the decade.

From what we can see, the automaker’s entry-level luxury brand could be working on a large three-row electric SUV that would look a bit more rugged than current Buick models.

The sketch, created by designer Geoffrey Richmond, shows an SUV with an adventurous side, featuring large wheels, raised suspension, roof rails and front bumper protection, in addition to the design elements already present on the new 2024 Buick models.

These include boomerang-shaped daytime running lights that merge into the lower-mounted headlights and a trapezoidal radiator grille that is accentuated by chrome strips.

Nothing in the picture confirms that this model will have an electric drive. However, given that Buick has committed to selling only electric vehicles by 2030, the likelihood that an all-new gasoline model is in development is slim.

When it comes to electric motors, the brand already offers four fully electric models in China, but Canadian and American buyers will have to wait until the end of 2024 before they can get behind the wheel of a Buick EV.

This first electric vehicle offered in North America is expected to be the Electra E5, a midsize SUV based on the Ultium platform that has already launched in China.

Since Buick has registered the names Electra E1 through E9 with the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO), we know that its future electric models will use the historic Electra name followed by an alphanumeric code indicating their place in the lineup.

No technical details are yet available for the upcoming model shown in the sketch, but its seven-passenger accommodation and rugged claims could make it a close competitor to the Rivian R1S and the new Kia EV9.

Source: GM Design (Instagram.com)