The death of Jô Soares is a reminder of the lack of good mood programs

The death of Jô Soares is a reminder of the lack of good mood programs

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Influenced by the news of the death of Jô Soares (19382022) on Friday (5), Globo’s first reaction that same day was to rebroadcast an episode of “Viva o Gordo” at the end of the night, after which “Globo Reporter”.

Freud explains.

Along with the birth of television in 1950 came comedy shows. At first mere reproductions of radio attractions, they gained identity and became an integral part of the programming of almost all stations.

Globo was born in 1965 and did not intend to innovate in this regard. There was no way. It was practically mandatory back then to invest in humor shows. It didn’t take long for the carioca channel to add two of the genre’s biggest stars, Chico Anysio and Jô Soares, to its cast.

What the two did at Globo today is part of television history. Jô’s obituaries were filled with memories of the comedian’s big moments from Make Humor, Don’t Make War, Satiricom, Planet of Men, Viva o Gordo, and many others.

The subtext of so many memories is ironic. Globo stopped producing comedy shows for open television in 2020. The following year, the project for a humorous show, which was in the making, was put on hold and put on hold.

Different generations have produced quality humor at Globo. “TV Pirata”, “Casseta & Planeta” and “Tá no Ar”, to name just three, are the children and grandchildren of the programs that Chico and Jô made.

In 2022, the route reserved for humor on Saturdays was finally “buried”. “Altas Horas” by Serginho Groisman stopped playing at the end of the night and took up the time traditionally devoted to laughter.

In July, Globo launched Novelei on YouTube, a comedy program run in collaboration with the video platform. Led by Paulo Vieira, the great new talent found by the channel, the attraction plays with the universe of soap operas with irony and intelligence, but it’s far from being a popular show for open television.

Another big Globo talent in the field of humor, Marcelo Adnet, is little used by the station. Fabio Porchat and Tatá Werneck have managed to find space for attractions that originally aired on pay TV and which also don’t have the footprint of open television.

As Globo well recalled while paying homage to Jô Soares, good mood programs have an impact. Because good humor provokes, disturbs, creates controversy, creates debate. In 2022, the absence of attractions of this type on the network reduces the relevance of its programming.