1692841227 The days were numbered

The days were numbered

The days were numbered

Putin does not forgive. Could anyone have thought otherwise, after the treason and rebellion against the chief, when a dozen soldiers were killed by shots fired in absentia by Wagner’s troops? Yevgeny Prigozhin’s days were numbered. This is how the mafia works, and the quintessential mafia state that Russia has become under the cold and metallic authority of Vladimir Putin could not have done otherwise.

It was just a matter of finding the right moment, just two months after the uprising. This has been confirmed by official Russian sources, although the gathering is always reserved so that Prigozhin can get off the map and save himself from persecution by signing up for a flight and flying on another plane, which only big gangsters can do.

In any case, Putin emerges strengthened when we look at the internal balance of power within the mafia power group. Its cause is not strengthened. The death of the billionaire leader of the mercenary killers, torturers and rapists on a plane he owned, accompanied by his first lieutenant, is being celebrated by the Ukrainians who have suffered most directly from his criminal exploits. Putin will make peace with the mutineers, but it is a new setback for the Kremlin, another in the series of setbacks that make up its ill-fated invasion of Ukraine.

The characteristics of this type of events, which require a plausible explanation from the Russian authorities – although it is feared that they will never be – always leave room for doubt, although the images of the crashing device and the two detonations that can be seen as accompanying documents always leave room for doubt Allow us to give serious support to the hypothesis of the attack or even the official demolition of a Russian military battery. In any case, it corresponds to the characteristics of selective assassination, which involves precision, economy, sobriety of means and the ability to disavow responsibility.

This is how things work in much of the wars of the 21st century, consistent with Putinism’s most blatant methods of physically liquidating former agents, spies, traitors and dissidents. And that’s how the mafia usually behaves, except for the exemplary factor that spectacularity offers. In this case, the show is in the hands of social networks at the speed of their images of the plane in free fall and once on the ground of the hellish flames in which the remains of the bloody Putinist condottiero are said to have burned.

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