The Day Thalía Sang ‘Summer Nights’ LIVE With Olivia Newton John |  VIDEO    Earth

The Day Thalía Sang ‘Summer Nights’ LIVE With Olivia Newton John | VIDEO Earth

After yesterday the news of the singer’s death was given Olivia Newton-Johnthe entertainment world was shocked, so artists from all over the world decided to offer their condolences, among which they stood out Thalia who fired the protagonist of “Vaseline” with one Videowhere they appear To sing both live the song of summer nights.

One of the most surprised by the death of the most famous Olivia Newton-John it was Thaliawho decided to upload a video to his Instagram account and recalled the moment when he met his idol and they started singing summer nightswho looked very excited to be next to the British actress.

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“Today we learned of his departure and I feel like many of the memories of my ‘Thalia-adolescente’ surfaced as I dusted off my album and listened to it, in a sort of personal goodbye and thanks to my dear ‘Sandy’. I don’t know how to explain it, but I know that those who belonged to the ‘Vaseline’ generation will understand it perfectly,” the “Equivocada” singer wrote.

In tears, Thalía fires Olivia Newton John

That’s not all, because in a first video you can see Thalia Embracing the “Grease” vinyl in honor Olivia Newton-John after announcing his death after a long battle with cancer, tearfully singing the song “Hopelessly Devoted to You” and saying “Thank you Olivia”.

For the next video Thalia shared one of her happiest moments sent where by her friend Olivia Newton John makes her sing summer nights She and her partner also recalled an interview in which she emphasized that she looked at Vaselina’s work because she considered herself a big fan of the production.

“A dear friend sent me this video! She and I are super fans of Olivia who very generously brought us onto her stage to sing #summernights with her! I also share a bit of my personal history with Sandy, Grease/Vaselina and some beautiful moments in life. We love you @therealonj,” he said.

End, Thalia thanked Olivia Newton-John for giving us her voice and being a role model not only for women but for the whole world, showing great strength and most importantly staying alive.

“Thank you Olivia for so much! For accompanying us with your voice, your smile and showing us your courage and strength to hold on to this beautiful life for so many years. We love you and will always remember you #OliviaNewtonJohn”