The day Salinas de Gortari ordered Luis Miguel killed for love of Adela Noriega

The day Salinas de Gortari ordered Luis Miguel killed for love of Adela Noriega

One of the rumors that most surprised the entertainment world in the ’90s was that of the alleged death of Luis Miguel in the hands of the former President of Mexico, Carlos Salinas de Gortari And although this version has never been confirmed, many point out that the current “Sol de México” is a double of the singer, because the former president I send kill for him love from Adela Noriega.

Adela Noriega was one of the great icons of soap operas between the 80s and 90s, as many producers pointed out that every project the actress was involved in made her a resounding success, in addition to her unparalleled beauty and charisma, for which she was a Star became one of the leading men and greatest exponents of music in Mexico for this reason, as Luis MiguelShe didn’t hesitate to keep an eye on him as rumor has it he paid a millionaire sum to have the Mexican star appear in his ‘Word of Honor’ video.

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Carlos Salinas de Gortari and Luis Miguel were obsessed with Adela Noriega

One of the controversies that resonated most in those times is that Adela Noriega had a romantic relationship with the former president Carlos Salinas de Gortariwhere it is rumored that they had a son, a situation that has never been confirmed, and that the president who ruled that six-year term was very jealous of the actress, being very aware of what he was doing and liking neither man to approach him.

At that time the relationship between Carlos Salinas de Gortari Y Luis Miguel It was very good because it is said that the Sun of Mexico hosted some meetings of the former president and that he openly supported him whenever he could. However, the “La Unconditional” singer was known to be related to some of the most beautiful women in the business, so he didn’t hesitate to get to know Adela Noriega better.

In this theory it is argued that Luis Miguel Y Adela Noriega ended up dating very upset Carlos Salinas de Gortariwho did not hesitate send a kill al Sol de México and although many assure that the singer died at the hands of the former President and that a look-alike has taken his place who will keep all the fortune of the famous, other versions suggest that he just suffered a brutal beating has caused him to withdraw the move.