The day Gerard Pique ordered Shakira to shut up quotshut

The day Gerard Piqué ordered Shakira to shut up: "shut up"

Shakira and Gerard Pique They decided to end their relationship months ago. And news about the relationship between the singer and the footballer is still coming to light, where it was noted that the reason for the breakup was alleged infidelity on the part of the footballer and his current relationship Clara ChaPR student and collaborator in one of the Catalan companies.

Now the networks recall not only the events surrounding the two’s present, but also those that transpired over the 12 years of their relationship. Recently, social network users revived the awkward moment when the Barcelona player would have asked Shakira for it “Be quiet”.

According to a thread on “Twitter”, the artist is said to have explained in an interview that she could not record her videos with men and should only work with women. After the controversial remarks, the artist claimed that Piqu asked her to do it next time “Be quiet”. “It’s true, I can’t play with a man in my videos, so now I play with women. Gerard told me, next time, shut up in your interviews, okay,” the star said. Piqu, what a character you have!

Those words caused a lot of controversy, so she later defended her then-boyfriend. “Hello, everyone. In a couple of recent interviews I mentioned that Gerard could be territorial at times. I said it in a humorous way, but I see a lot of media took it literally. The reality is that we have a very beautiful relationship and mutual trust. Next time I’ll be more careful when using my sense of humor,” the singer said.