The day Alfredo Adame insulted Andrea Legarreta in full live broadcast

The day Alfredo Adame insulted Andrea Legarreta in full live broadcast

Between Andrea Legarreta and Alfred Adame there is an intense one rivalry. That was more than two decades ago star one of the most humid of TV Mexican where the controversial Adame insult in the full program live to the owner of the program “Hoy”.

The year was 1999 and both characters were the hosts of the Mexican show “Hoy”. In one of the interactions they were used to, the moderator insult to his partner and this transformed in one of the First big scandals by Alfredo Adame.

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From that moment on there is an intense rivalry between Andrea and Alfredo.

Within the program there was a section called “Hoy Telenovelas” where they did summaries of chapters of the melodramas. After showing a scene of a couple arguing while riding in a vehicle, Alfred Adame Y Andrea Legarreta They tried recreate itand it was there when the presenter made a sudden movement and said to Legarreta: “Alfredo, don’t attack me,” to which the controversial actor with a “!undress bitch!”.

That insult by Alfredo Adame To letliterally with mouth open to Andrea Legarreta who was really surprised by what had happened. Likewise, Adame expressed that “we need to use rougher language in the novels”.

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With his insult, Alfredo Adame left Andrea open-mouthed.

At that time, however, Alfredo Adame’s action had no after-effects relationship Come in both turned tense and in 2000 Andrea Legarreta left the program temporarily to film a soap opera and when he returned to the program in 2003 the actor was no longer part of the morning show.

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That’s how it was a few years ago Alfred Adame explained during an interview that his departure from the program “Hoy” it was through order from Andrea Legarretasince she was holding one love affair with a high executive from TV which gave him a lot of strength. Likewise, he assured that at the driver’s ” whim ” they fired 13 drivers and 8 producers to later name them as “Hypocrite“.

After these remarks, Andrea Legarreta did not remain silent and added deny the Sayings The controversial driver said his actions were clear evidence of that force from genderso he would act in accordance with the law, however, it is not known how the affair ended as Mía and Nina Rubín’s mother has since not wanted to touch on the matter to avoid giving more publicity to the controversial politician.