The curtain must fall on Justin Trudeau –

The curtain must fall on Justin Trudeau –

Justin Trudeau is vacationing in Costa Rica.

It’s his right, but I’m joking that this man seems to be on vacation more often than I am.

He is still Prime Minister of Canada.


Am I the only one who finds him increasingly distant, indifferent, apathetic, informal, less and less interested in attending to his responsibilities?

I know you will tell me that he was always more interested in playing the role of Prime Minister than actually being one.

But it seems to me that it is worse than ever.

Of course, with all the matter-of-factness of a high school student in a final game, he continues to mutter empty phrases like, “The government is wholeheartedly with the Canadians.”

Of course, he continues to apologize for all of the federal government’s past sins, with the exception of Quebec.

Let’s give him a passing credit for curbing his enthusiasm for ridiculous disguises.

But since the worst of the pandemic is behind us, a time when it also seemed to hover far above events, we look in vain for an initiative, an explanation, any gesture of the slightest.

He is reminiscent of someone whose boxes are already ready and who is just waiting for the new occupant of the premises.

Broue’s original comedians appeared during their 3,322. and last performance to be more motivated.

According to Abacus, dissatisfaction with him is 51%, the highest in seven years.

Recently there have been many mishaps: passport crisis, delays in sending labor insurance checks, etc.

It’s not as if the pressing challenges aren’t obvious either: a recession is looming, inflation is skyrocketing, thousands of pseudo-refugees have evaporated, the indigenous file is at a standstill, provinces are unanimously calling for increased financial transfers to pay for healthcare costs , and public finances will be self-inflicted and in a disastrous state for many years to come.

Find a real LPC supporter and ask them why they still support Justin Trudeau.

He’ll probably say it’s because he’s not Poilievre, Charest or the Block.

Gather people of all persuasions and ask them what significant gesture by Trudeau, apart from his new haircut, springs to mind.

They’re probably talking about legalizing cannabis.

If you have friends abroad, you will find that there is nothing left of the planetary rock star of the year 2015 outside our borders.

A mischievous friend said he thought it had the wingspan of a plant.


Trudeau senior announced his retirement after returning from a long walk in the snow, he said.

Suppose Trudeau Jr. does the same thing after a long walk in the sand.

Honestly, do you know many people who would complain?

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