1675563992 The curious and viral phrases that the narrator of the

The curious and viral phrases that the narrator of the Universitario vs. Cantolao: "Illuminanos, ‘Lolo’"

The curious and viral phrases that the narrator of the

The narrator was euphoric during the game between Universitario and Cantolao, a game in which the ‘U’ won their first three points in their League 1 debut in 2023.

university debuted in the League 1 2023 and beat Cantolao Academy 4-0 in the monumental stadium. With TV rights issues still lingering between some clubs and the Peruvian Football Federation (FPF), the Sahne team decided to broadcast this game through their official accounts on their social networks. In charge of the game’s narration was Jorge Barreto, who was euphoric throughout the game and amazed the fans with his curious phrases that he said throughout the 90 minutes.

The commitment played in the Monumental was for the third date of the Peruvian tournament. After weeks of uncertainty, thousands of Merengues fans awaited the moment of their team’s debut. It should be noted that the University Board initially stated that they would not be playing League 1 in 2023; However, they later announced that they would do so.

In the duel between the ‘U’ and Cantolao, some phrases that Jorge Barreto mentioned were the following: “Enlighten us, ‘Lolo'”, “Thank you, ‘Lolo’. Thank you for enlightening us”, “God is from the ‘U'”, “It looks like a school break”, “We have to invite the aliens to our stadium”. In addition: “I don’t even hit that with sticks”, “The referee lacks the neighborhood.” At the end of the game and with a positive result for the team led by Carlos Compagnucci, the commentator accompanying the narrator judged: “Envy, envy, envy us.”

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What’s the next high school game?

Universitario de Deportes host UniĆ³n Comercio next Sunday, February 12, at the IPD stadium in Moyobamba. The commitment is valid for date 4 of the opening tournament of the 1st division 2023.