The Cuban passport improves its rank in the world!     Cuban directory

The Cuban passport improves its rank in the world! Cuban directory

What is the real value of the Cuban passport? They just updated the ranking of the most powerful passports in the world, according to studies by the company Henley & Partners, and the Cuban passport is one of the weakest in America. How many countries can you travel to from Cuba without a visa?

The Japanese passport continues to lead the world as the strongest in the world. If you have a document of this type, Japanese, you can enter 193 countries without a visa. But only one more country than Singapore and South Korea, which are second in the list. Asia dominates the top spots.

The passports of Germany and Spain are the “best” in Europe as they allow visa-free access to 190 nations and are in third place in the ranking. The American passport is ranked 186th, seventh and allows visa-free entry to 186 countries in the world. Nothing bad.

First Latin American country in the ranking is Chile, with a passport that allows entry to 174 countries without a visa, also one of the best in the world, in 16th place. Powerful countries in the world follow such as Argentina and Brazil, in 19th place with access to 170 nations.


The weakest passport in Latin America, according to this ranking, is the Cuban, with entry permits, without a visa to 65 countries. But he improved by three places compared to last year. In 2021, the island’s document was ranked 85th in the world, currently it is ranked 82nd. Undoubtedly, Nicaragua’s opening up to the Cubans has helped improve positions.

The Cuban passport improves its rank in the world Cuban

Historically, his best position in 2013 was 66th place. Currently, Cuba, ranked 82nd on the list, has visa-free entry to 65 nations, we will tell you some of them according to this website: Russia, Serbia, Belarus , Barbados, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Guyana, among many others, mainly from Africa and Asia.