The Cowboys Fringants cancel all their autumn concerts – Le

The Cowboys Fringants cancel all their autumn concerts – Le Devoir

After a fairly busy summer of shows, Les Cowboys Fringants have postponed their fall dates due to the health problems of singer Karl Tremblay, who is suffering from prostate cancer.

“I decided to listen to you, to myself too. “To take a break,” he said in a video shared to his Instagram account on Wednesday morning.

On Wednesday morning, he shared a video on his Instagram account in which he said he had decided to listen to himself and the advice of his admirers by taking a “break” from concerts.

Due to Karl Tremblay’s cancer treatment, the group had to cancel some dates this summer.

According to the group’s website, shows were planned for this fall in Quebec, but also in France and Belgium.

In his video, Karl Tremblay explains that this break allows him to focus on his treatments and recovery.

“Cowboy shows are sophisticated, we like it when it moves, we like it when people sing, when people dance with us,” he said.

Postponement of shows

He says he will continue to attend “quieter, more sedentary” events in his area, at L’Assomption.

These are not cancellations, but postponements, he assured.

“We’re not dead yet, we’re not dead, we’re working on it,” the singer then concludes with a smile.

In a release shared on Facebook, the group said the new dates for Europe would be announced soon.

“Thank you for your patience and we invite you to hold on to your tickets,” the page reads.

The Cowboys Fringants, who had never canceled shows in the past, had to forego certain dates last summer.

“We would really like to be with you tonight. Unfortunately this is impossible. We hope with all our hearts that we can get together again,” wrote Marie-Annick Lépine, Tremblay’s accomplice in the group and his partner, in July about a cancellation in Alma.

However, the group put on a historic show on the Plains of Abraham at the Quebec Summer Festival, drawing a record crowd of 90,000 spectators.

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