The controversial reason Tom Cruise and Sofia Vergara split

The controversial reason Tom Cruise and Sofia Vergara split

Sofia Vergara is one of the most popular Latin artists in the world, and despite an extensive Hollywood career, part of her huge fame can be attributed to the role of Gloria Pritchett modern family. In addition, she is the owner of an incomparable beauty that made her conquer several hearts before finding the love of her life, including that of Tom cruise.

The actor is one of the most desirable men in the film industry. He has recently turned 60 but it seems that time has not affected him as he looks radiant, rejuvenated and in incredible physical condition that deserves to be admired. But despite that and his great acting talent, you didn’t fare so well in love.

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Tom Cruise and Sofia Vergara on their way out.

Sofia Vergara Y Tom cruise They met in 2004 during the filming of the film Four Brothers, in which the actress starred. At that moment, the actor was dazzled by her beauty and did everything to recreate an encounter that allowed him to get closer. So they met again at the party they organized Will Smith and his wife after the 2005 Oscars.

After this meeting, the protagonist of Impossible Mission He started sending her flowers and chocolates to win her over. The Hollywood stars started a relationship and according to Andrew Morton in the authorized biography of cruiseHe saw her as his future wife. So much so that these pages say she organized a dinner with her kids to see what the actress was like as a mom.

Everything seemed to be going perfectly between Tom and Sofia, but the well-known fanaticism the heartthrob harbors for Scientology ruined the story in the end. the star of modern family He ended this relationship because he couldn’t take the obsession cruise.

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As MorrĂ³n wrote in these pages, Sofia Vergara I thought when he gets married Tom cruise that he was going “straight to hell”. The truth is that this controversial religious movement of American origin, which promotes introspective knowledge through some alternative techniques, usually generates much rejection and outrage for some of its practices.

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Tom Cruise with Katie Holmes and Suri.

Same happened with Katie Holmeswhich appeared in the life of the actor when he broke up with him Vergaraand eventually became his wife and mother to his daughter Suri, whom the movie heartthrob hasn’t seen since 2012, the year the couple divorced.