The CONDITIONS Shakira imposed on Gerard Piques children after BZRP

The CONDITIONS Shakira imposed on Gerard Piqué’s children after ‘BZRP Music Sessions 53’

Sasha and Milan’s grandparents are not having a good time after the song’s release.BZRP music sessions 53“.And it is this Montserrat Bernabeu, mother of Gerard Piqueassures that Shakira she imposed some conditions to their children when they visit her at the former footballer’s childhood home, a situation that causes them a lot of trouble because it directly affects their life together.

The success of ‘BZRP music sessions 53‘ on digital platforms is brutal, just yesterday he broke another record, surpassing Bad Bunny on Spotify with more than 68 million views. But it wasn’t just the letter that caused a lot of damage Gerard Pique and that very much Clara Chia Martibut the Catalan’s family have also been publicly humiliated over the matter.

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In addition to the clashes with fans of the Barranquillera at “King’s League” events or in the middle of the street, Joan Piqué and Montserrat Bernabeu also had to endure the revenge of the Colombian, who initially played her song at full volume music so that they could hear it from her house could, and also ordered the building of a huge wall to prevent them from having visual contact with theirs children. added to this, Shakira she imposed a row of conditions to Sasha and Milan for the days they see their paternal grandparents.

The conditions Shakira imposed on her children to live with Gerard Piqué’s parents after ‘BZRP Music Sessions 53’

One of the problems after starting ‘BZRP music sessions 53‘ was the video of the mother of Gerard Pique hush Shakira at a public event while she was still in a relationship with the owner of Kosmos, a situation that caused much outrage among the Colombian’s supporters. Still, the Barranquillera’s ex-in-laws are upset about the accusation conditions that the singers imposed to their children on the day they visit the mansion where Clara Chia Marti he walked happily when they were still a couple.

According to Lecturas, both Sasha and Milan are banned from calling their mother “Grandma” or “Ona”. Gerard Pique and “avi” to her father, a situation that has made Montserrat Bernabeu uneasy, assuring that she was one of them conditions imposed by the Barranquillera children if they live with them, one of the acts of revenge that caused the greatest pain to the Catalan family.

It is worth noting that after the release of ‘BZRP music sessions 53‘, Gerard Pique started having problems with him children, since one of them didn’t want to enter his parents’ house, the ex-footballer had to talk to him for more than an hour to reconsider and convince him to be with his grandparents. Besides that, after several taunts from the former Barcelona player in his live ‘King’s League’ broadcasts, he finally decided to upload his first photo to Instagram Clara Chia Martito make their advertisement official.