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The concert of nostalgia: RBD sells all tickets on its return to the stage

Fans of Mexican band RBD gathered January 19 as the band's performance dates in Mexico City were announced.Fans of the Mexican band RBD gathered on January 19 when the dates for the presentation of the musical group in Mexico City were announced Mario Guzman (EFE)

From New York to Mexico City via Rio de Janeiro: RBD has sold out all the tickets on sale this Thursday in less than 24 hours. There are more than 34 dates where the group is sold out. The band, which grew out of a Mexican teenage soap opera, broke up 15 years ago, but time hasn’t dampened the interest of their followers, who seem ready to put their school ties back on. Anahí, Dulce María, Maite Perroni, Christopher Uckerman and Christian Chávez return to the stage under the name “I am a Rebelde”. Only Alfonso Poncho Herrera has refused to be part of the show due to his professional commitments.

The Mexican group had been fueling the anticipation for weeks: the five members had removed their profile picture from their social networks to place the band’s black logo, they had shared pictures from the meetings captioned “Together we are magic and total love”. . When tickets went on sale this Thursday, fans wanting to hear Just Stay Silent live again had to once again contend with Ticketmaster, the ticketing company that has been implicated in some of the recent scandals over its irregularities.

Sales went so fast that the band announced new dates this Friday: two more in Mexico City – making four in total – another in Monterrey, a fourth in Los Angeles and two more in São Paulo. The tour kicks off in El Paso, USA in August and concludes at Foro Sol in the Mexican capital on December 3rd. “How is that assimilated after 15 years? Sold out within 24 hours throughout the tour. Thank you for carrying us in your heart all these years, for waiting for us, for not forgetting us, for growing together, for being ready and eager to meet us after taking different paths ” wrote Dulce María, who played Roberta, one of their most popular characters. .

RBD was born as an adaptation of the Argentine series Rebelde Way, which was also translated into their own musical group Erreway. The Mexican version quickly became popular both inside and outside the country. Their protagonists became teenage stars in 2004, when they also released their first album Rebelde, which was followed by five more, the last in 2009. In total, they have sold more than 15 million records worldwide and grossed more than $72 million on their tours, with which they cover more than 23 countries visited.

The rebellious phenomenon seemed to have no end until its members showed signs of wear and tear and were looking to launch their solo careers. All – except Poncho Herrera – released small solo songs that were far from the big spotlights of RBD, although they continue to maintain their celebrity status with millions of followers on their social networks.

Entirely dedicated to acting, Herrera has taken part in major productions such as El Baile de los 41 or Sense8, as well as several national productions such as La dictadura perfecta or ¡Qué viva México!, most recently directed by Luis Estrada. The actor who played Miguel was the only one of the six who decided to leave his Rebel stage behind. The actor, who has been heavily questioned for not taking part in this reunion tour, assured that he would work: “I’m lucky to have been part of such a successful project and I’m grateful. I’m just happy with the projects I have at the moment and I believe that one doesn’t contradict the other because in the end it’s my past that makes me the person I am now.” The interpreter had to silencing controversies such as demanding $10 million to join the tour, a figure the tour producer also denied.

The current age of RBD members is a far cry from school uniforms — the youngest, Christopher Uckermann, is 36 — but they must go back to the days when they asked their parents for permission to sing, “and I’m rebellious when I.” Don’t follow others and I’m a rebel if I love you madly”, thousands of people will be waiting for her.

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