The coming year in cinemas all the films of 2023

The coming year in cinemas, all the films of 2023: from Nolan to Scorsese, from Moretti to Chazelle

there Mermaid African Americans who caused such a stir, another chapter in the saga of Indiana Jonesl“Oppenheimer by Nolan, a new one Spiderman and a new one Impossible Mission, Nanni Moretti, Matteo Garrone and Martin Scorsese. The cinema menu for 2023 looks quite appetizing. At least the basics of a possible renewed confirmation of a classic goal of filling the post-Covid halls again.

The first arrivals -. Who knows what he did Damien Chazelle thus elongated Babylon (over three hours, now a must-see of average length in the last few months of 2022), which hits Italian cinemas on January 19th. Fifth film by the author of la la country, Chazelle had left us Ryan Gosling brought into orbit first man and now it brings us back after four years between wild parties and the corrupt and lecherous delirium of a 1920s Hollywood about to be overwhelmed by the advent of sound. You are in the cast Brad Pitt and Margot Robbiebut also Toby Maguire seemingly unrecognizable and a new Mexican talent, Diego Calva. February 2023 will be the launch pad for many films screened in competition at the last Venice Film Festival: The Ghosts of the Island by Martin McDonagh tar by Todd Field with Cate Blanchett, The whale by Darren Aronofsky with Brendan Frasier. Three big titles that will, for better or for worse, end up among the Oscar nominations and will therefore all end up in the showcase together just before the statuettes are awarded.

Spring 2023 – Sia will appear in the Hall in March John Wick Number 4, always with you Keanu Reeves and a creepy crew of martial artists (Donnie Yen, Hiroyuki Sanada, Scott Adkins); and the sequel to Shazam (Shazam! Furia degli dei), also starring Zachari Levi. Although in Italy there is a lot of curiosity about the release of the new film directed by Sydney Sibilia after landing on Netfix with L’isola delle rose and, above all, with the receipt bag open, towards the brilliant experience, I can stop whenever I want. It will be titled Mixed by Erry, it will tell the story of a petty thief king of mixtape in Naples in the eighties and see a cast of unknown faces with the presence of a new one Fabrizio Gifuni. Easter doesn’t have any exact releases on the bill yet, but it will already be time for the film CGI Super Mario Bros and from Next goal teams Of Taika Waititi with Michael Fassbender as the coach who will revive the fortunes of the Samoan football team after their historic 31-0 loss to Australia. Finally, May 24th is the date of the Italian release de The little mermaidLive action of the famous Disney animation starring the 22-year-old singer Hall Bailey of Afro-American origin, i.e. at the center of one of the most controversial occupations of recent years between political correctness and philological tradition.

Summer 2023- You’ll want to wait until June 1st for the release of Spider Man – Via Spider-Verse or the 12th to see Tom Cruise gallop again in Mission: Impossible – Dead Reckoning Part 1 because July 20th is the date that you need to mark yourself in the calendar. This is the release day of Oppenheimer, the new great work by Christopher Nolan. Hoping Tenet would end up in the pandemic memoir drawer, Nolan dived into the biopic of the famous physicist J.Robert OppenheimerLaboratory director and leader of the Manhattan Project, which then led to the creation of the atomic bomb in 1945. Four months of sets, the most realistic possible explosion (let’s say no computer graphics) of the world’s first nuclear test – Trinity, July 16, 1945 – in New Mexico, Oppenheimer is shot on 65mm with a monstrous cast: Cillian Murphy sails as the protagonist surrounded by Robert Downey Jr. , Emily Blunt, Matt Damon, Rami Malek, Florence Pugh, Kenneth Branagh, Matthew Modine and Johs Hartnett.

Italy for cinema – Several musical numbers and a lot of hammers and sickles should come through in the next film Nanni Moretti, the sun of the future. Usual turn-by-turn game between the actors, so as not to encounter any surprises (then there is a risk of the same effect happening to the audience…), or rather Margherita Buy and Silvio Orlando with the addition of Mathieu Amalric and Barbora BobulovaAll we know about Il sol dell’avvenire is that the theme is about cinema and the circus and that the story takes place in the 1950s. Films that end up in Cannes, as always (Venice is never expected, but oh well, it’s the global world) and therefore hit theaters between May and June. I avoid surprises. Also for the Croisette, although still in post-production, is Io Capitano, the new film by Matthew Garrone, electrocuted by migrants on the way. Let’s take the film’s official synopsis for a better understanding: “It’s a Homeric fairy tale that tells the adventurous journey of two young people, Seydou and Moussa, who leave Dakar to reach Europe. A contemporary odyssey through the dangers of the desert, the dangers of the sea and the ambiguities of man”. Also finally dawns the new movie of Xavier Costanzo it seems to be ready before summer. Title that seems very interesting on paper with the protagonist LilyJames, a young extra in a Hollywood peplum filmed in Cinecittà in the ’50s, complete with a torrid night spent with the star of the film he’s shooting. Costanza claims that there are Hitchcock-like atmospheres in his film and we believe him as the filmmaker’s quality was always there. Let’s just pass the cigarette of the sad TV movie about My Brilliant Friend.

The evergreens There are two evergreens we’re looking forward to in 2023. The first is Indiana Jones number 5. The return of Harrison Ford and the Archaeologist with Whip and Gun by Spielberg&Co. It’s called Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny. The director is Jacob Mangold, the plot wants us to be none other than 1969 and that in order to defeat the Russians in the space race, the Americans will enlist none other than some shady Nazi figures. Indie/Harrison Ford will join Antonio Banderas to make sure Mads Mikkelsen doesn’t overdo it when it comes to ultrasonic missiles and goose-stepping world domination. New: co-star is Phoebe Waller Bridge, goddaughter of Jones. It will be released in the US on June 23rd, but it is not yet known in Italy. From Killer of the Flower Moon Of Martin Scorsese we already know a lot. It will be a Western of sorts, set in the 1920’s and inspired by the investigation into the murder of several Osage Indians in Oklahoma. We also know that this is the sixth collaboration between Scorsese and Leonardo DiCaprio and no less than the tenth between Scorsese and Robert DeNiro. Release dates are still a mystery, but 2023 will be his year, probably more toward fall than summer.