1667500890 The cold is coming the price of petrol is rising

The cold is coming, the price of petrol is rising again. And Russia sets the record for LNG exports by ship

Back to top i 130 euros the price of gas on the European market per megawatt hour, increased by about 3% compared to yesterday. In the morning, prices touched 140 euros. The truce of recent weeks appears to be ending as petrol prices have fallen below €100 thanks to particularly mild days, full stocks and plentiful ship deliveries. Today theInternational Energy Agency (OECD Panel) has sounded the alarm about the outlook for the coming months. Europe could have one Natural gas shortage of 30 billion cubic meters next summerat a key moment for the replenishment of its pages from Storage for the winter of 2023-2024 which requires urgent action by governments to reduce gas consumption amid the global energy crisis, the IEA report says.

Record red for the giant Uniper, 40 billion in 9 months.  It is the biggest loss in the history of German industry

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Record red for the giant Uniper, 40 billion in 9 months. It is the biggest loss in the history of German industry

The assumed defect is significant, but not impossible to remedy. That is less than a tenth of the gas consumed in Europe each year. the manager, Fatih Birol He therefore called on governments to “accelerate energy efficiency improvements and energy diffusion renewable energy and from heat pumps and other measures to structurally reduce gas demand. This is critical to Europe’s energy security, the well-being of its citizens and industries and its clean energy transition.”

Russia closes the pipelines but fills the ships – Meanwhile, traces of the Bloomberg agency indicate that i Cargoes of Russian Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) transported by ship rose 1.1% in October a 2.9 million tons (corresponds to approx 5 billion cubic meters gas plus or minus the monthly transport capacity of the Nord Stream pipeline 1 hour closed), at the highest level since last March and nearing the records of the last 6 years. The main importers turn out France, China and Japan. The LNG arriving on boats has a much higher cost compared to what comes with the pipelines the Kremlin is running at a reduced pace. There are currently no direct sanctions against Russian LNG, although some countries are considering this option. From Russia are also increasing Export of oil from the eastern Sakhalin-1 field of which Moscow has taken control from the US Exxon Mobile who had it in concession. Two tankers recently loaded crude oil from the De Kastri terminal and both vessels pointed to the South Korea as a travel destination. Exxon had halted production since May after announcing plans to leave Russia.

Wall Street Journal:

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Wall Street Journal: “Fuels made in Sicily with Russian oil are also sold in the US”. The largest Italian refinery is threatened with a halt

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Record red for the giant Uniper, 40 billion in 9 months. It is the biggest loss in the history of German industry


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