The clue in ‘I Congratulate You’ on how Shakira discovered Piqué’s infidelity    Vive USA

The clue in ‘I Congratulate You’ on how Shakira discovered Piqué’s infidelity Vive USA

After the latest single from Shakira, BZRP Music Sessions 53, will dominate streaming services and reach the top of international popularity charts; Fans found clues to the reasons for their breakup with Gerard Piqué in the Te Felicito video.

Said video was released almost simultaneously with the announcement of their split last summer, and while the details of the clip weren’t given much prominence at the time, the lyrics served to spread rumors of alleged infidelity on his part.

After the release of the last song with bizarreFans connected dots and linked the single’s lyrics to various details in the Te Felicito video, such as the fact that she spotted the infidelity over a jam jar.

The Colombian realized Piqué was having an affair when she discovered they had eaten her Strawberry Jam.

He guessed that someone visited his house when he went on a journey and ate from this jar; It should be noted that no one else in his family ate it because they didn’t like the taste.

He referred to this discovery in Te Felicito’s video, where you can see a fridge with a head raw AlejandroAssociates on the single, and on the jam jar, which he clearly ate Klara Chia.

According to a submission in pull out In August 2021, Chía was already Piqué’s mistress and, in fact, frequently visited the residence that the singer and footballer shared with their children in Barcelona.

In 2021, when the jam thing happenedClara was 22 years old.for which Shakira refers to the moment the adventure began in the Session 53 fragment “I’m Worth Two of 22”.

A few days ago, it was reported that Shakira has started building a concrete wall to separate her home from that of her ex-mother-in-law, whom she mentions in Session 53.

Parts of his home are connected to areas of Gerard’s childhood home, and he is now attempting to break those common connections.

He also installed a life size witch on her balcony to tease her ex-mother-in-law and usually blasts session 53 every day.

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