The city How to become part of the Vipao and

The city: How to become part of the Vipão and who the famous guests are Splash

It’s funny having to answer who is a Vipão or Vipinho. The press that created this. There is a challenge in accommodating people who are on the rise and others who are not so on the rise. The world is changing a lot in this context. I always try to respond and accommodate the needs of everyone who wants to have fun.

Carol Sampaio continues: “All the other VIP areas designed by the group that makes up The Town are special. It’s not a VIP area that we see at any festival. It’s great and comfortable. We can always expect something 100% perfect.”

The City: Carol Sampaio is in charge of the VIP list The City: Carol Sampaio is in charge of the Vipão list. Image: Reginaldo Teixeira / Disclosure

Who are the “Vipão” celebrities?

At the column’s request, Carol Sampaio names some of the personalities who are on her list for the first edition of The Town.

They are: Sheron Menezzes, Casimiro, Rafa Kalimann, Thaila Ayala and Renato Góes, Taís Araújo, Juliette, Marcos Veras, Ingrid Guimarães, Pedro Sampaio, Sandy and Junior, Xororó, Michel Teló and Thaís Fersoza, Alexandre Pires and Hugo Gloss.