The chronicler and poet Miró da Muribeca dies at the age of 61  Folha de Pernambuco

The chronicler and poet Miró da Muribeca dies at the age of 61 Folha de Pernambuco

The poet and chronicler from Pernambuco João Flávio Cordeiro da Silva, better known as Miro da Muribeca, died this Sunday (31) at the age of 61. The information was published on the artist’s official profile on social media. There is no news about the cause of death.

“We share with all friends, fans and followers that our poet Miró da Muribeca was enchanted this Sunday morning. Soon we will provide more information about the farewell ceremony. We apologize if we are unable to respond to the expressions of regret “inbox/direct messages at this time,” the statement read on social media.


The artist’s funeral is scheduled to take place this Monday (1st) at 11 a.m. at the Santo Amaro Cemetery in the center of Recife.

In May of this year, Miró was admitted to a public hospital in Recife due to health problems. At that time his health was stable, although he was weak.

in the Speaking to Folha de Pernambuco last October, Miró da Muribeca was happy to be back in the everyday life of a writer and “art maker”.. “I’m so happy to talk about my rebirth, to look someone in the eye, to talk,” he praised.

At that time, Miró came accompanied by a nurse sent from the alcoholism rehabilitation clinic where he was hospitalized. From there he related his routine and, among other duties, was poetry accompanying him amid readings he gave by Drummond, amid the writing of his verses.

“That’s where I write and read every day, Drummond and Ignácio de Loyola Brandão,” he said, projecting the future, shouting about the book “O Céu é no 6 Andar” (Claranan) and his desire for the cover of a biography that would come in cepe start. “I’m thinking of a cover with my picture in the corner and the caption ‘I’m Still Here’.

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