“The Children of Television”: a final day of shooting at Radio-Canada’s legendary Studio 42

“The Children of Television”: a final day of shooting at Radio-Canada’s legendary Studio 42

The Children of TV crew recorded last Wednesday at the legendary Studio 42, installed in the basement of Radio-Canada’s brown tower in Montreal.

This is where we shot all the seasons of Everyone’s Talking About It, but also small screen classics like The Work on the Chain, The Demons of Midi, Star of an Evening, and La Fureur, to name a few It even hosted election nights, including the 1980 referendum.

As it was a special day, presenter André Robitaille and his new accomplice Mélanie Maynard welcomed the media and spoke about the 13th season of Children of TV, which will be presented from September. Eight shows have already been wrapped in a brand new decor that still sticks to the previous one except for the grand side staircase that has given way to some more discreet steps.

Guests who have signed up for the game next season include Pierre Bruneau, Guillaume Lambert and Marjo, who was treated to a special headlining session, singing her hit song ‘Illegal’ with Hubert Lenoir. “It was an extraordinary moment and I think it tells the story of the Children of TV well. We prepare things, but there are always surprises, it’s a pleasure for the spectator and for us,” said André Robaille.

We shot two episodes on Wednesday, including a special headliner dedicated to Micheline Lanctôt. The new decor seats 100 people and this time we are betting on three giant screens to continue presenting the archives both in the studio and on screen. The old table, which according to Fair-Play’s commissioned producer Benoît Léger weighed a ton, was replaced with a new, lighter one.

cry a lot

Mélanie Maynard hasn’t quite settled in after a few taped shows and admits to reporters that she often glances at André Robitaille – her older brother, she says – to find out if she’s overstated a comment. She wants to take her place, Edith Cochrane’s successor, and says in passing that she “hasn’t yet made any monumental blunders”. “I cry way too much, you’ll see, it’s the comment that will come out!” she indicated.

“The last team quickly reported to us that there was something natural [entre nous]. We come from the same place, from the same school, we have the same references,” she stressed. A few seconds later, André Robitaille spoke of Mélanie Maynard as a surprising accomplice. “There’s something about her — I’m going to say it with love and she’s the one saying it — messed up, which makes it very funny.” increase.

André Robitaille worked a lot at Studio 42, especially for the youth show “Vazimolo” in the first half of the 90s and joked that he “stole” a few panels so as not to forget them.

Studio 42, which has stands for 600 people, was inaugurated in 1973. According to Radio-Canada, it was one of the largest on the continent at the time. Studio A of the new Maison de Radio-Canada is based on IP technology and features a mesh ceiling, giving the technicians much more flexibility when modulating different sets. In July, episodes of the quiz game “Next” will be filmed there, moderated by Stéphane Bellavance, and at the same time the premises will be inaugurated.