The Charter did not further protect womens rights

The Charter did not further protect women’s rights

With the 40thand On the anniversary of the repatriation, politicians of the time spoke about these events. That was the case with Sheila Copps a few days ago. The former deputy prime minister was a member of the Ontario legislature at the time. With colleagues she mobilized for women’s rights. In her opinion, the charter is a turning point in promoting the rights of women and francophones.

Here is the great Chartist narrative once more. Before 82 it was the Middle Ages. Luckily we’ve had a charter ever since. Our rights are finally being respected!

sexual assault

All of this, of course, does not stand up to analysis. Consider the case of VĂ©ronique Millaire, a Franco-Ontarian. She filed a sexual assault complaint a few years ago. Charges have been brought against his alleged attacker.

However, Ms Millaire wanted an interpreter to speak French in court. Therefore, the process was postponed a number of times. So the charges were eventually dropped under Jordan. This Supreme Court decision, based on the Charter, sets the time limit for a trial at 18 months. That deadline was exceeded by five days in the case of Ms Millaire and her alleged attacker.

Domestic Violence

There are tens of thousands of stories of charter abandonment in Canada. In one case, an accused of domestic violence escaped justice. Then he got back together. He beat and threatened his new wife with death and this time he was convicted. How has the Charter better protected the rights of these two women?

The Bill of Rights is a bonanza for lawyers, a boon for defendants. However, for the victims of crime, it is a disaster.

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