The Challenge of Obtaining or Renewing the USA Visa La

The Challenge of Obtaining or Renewing the USA Visa La Opinion Cúcuta

If you are thinking of applying for a visa to enter the United States, or if you do not need a visa renewal, be very careful about going through the process. because false processors would offer services via social networks to speed up the process.

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Most notably via Facebook and Instagram, several profiles are offering advice on issuance of the tourist visa (B2) or business visa (B1) and promising alleged links to officials at the US embassy in Colombia to speed up the process.

Given the idea of ​​leaving the country for the United States, it is advisable to follow the instructions for the visa procedure that can be found on the United States Embassy in Colombia page, where you will find the requirements to obtain the visa, to enter its territory.

curbed visas

After the pandemic, several Colombians have chosen to leave the country to improve their well-being and that of their families as economic reactivation is gradualwhich is in contrast to the historical prices of the dollar against the national pesomaking the possibility of leaving the country more enticing.

Even the number of arrests of people trying to enter the United States illegally hit an all-time high since October 2021 at more than 2,250,000 in mid-August. And Colombians have contributed significantly to that number in recent months Nearly 100,000 were arrested, which in itself is another historic mark.

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For their part, those seeking to migrate legally face the barrier of curbing appeals, which are awarded for up to two years.

In light of this situation, the US Embassy in Colombia reported that it is working hard to process “as many visa applications as possible, but there is still a significant backlog of nonimmigrant visa applications due to the COVID-19 pandemic.”

“All procedures performed by the US Embassy require an appointment, a condition that includes visa extension procedures. Both first-time visa applicants and visa extension applicants require an appointment in our system. The differences are the steps to follow during the process,” the embassy clarified.

Visa for the USA

In late August this year, a joint operation by the attorney general’s office and police arrested and prosecuted five individuals who were involved in fraudulently obtaining tourist visas to the United States.

According to authorities, members of the network deceived people interested in obtaining a U.S. visa by asking for personal information such as university degrees, employment records, civil status records and even bank statements, some of which were forged to meet the requirements .at the Message.

case of success

La Opinion learned of the case of *Eliana Gil, who was guided by an agent to renew her visas, those of her brother and father, which were about to expire.
Eliana says they recommended a person who guided them through the process of completing the forms and requirements requested by the embassy through their website, with the process being successful.

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“I’m very nervous and avoid entering wrong information or filling out the forms incorrectly, that person He charged me $150,000 to guide me He also advised me to get the appointment faster,” said Eliana Gil.

She said that after using the processor’s services, she noticed that there were several videos online explaining how to get a visa extension appointment faster, which she claimed anyone could do.

To get a closer date, says Eliana, you just have to enter the module to change the date, which must be done with the username and password issued by the embassy, ​​stating that the success is in the to ask the query repeatedly. because spaces open up again and again.

* Identity changed for security reasons.

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