The Catholic Church of San Juan commemorated Benedict XVI with

The Catholic Church of San Juan commemorated Benedict XVI. with a Mass 13 San Juan

This Monday in Cathedral Church of Saint John a mass was held to remember and pray for the soul Benedict XVI. The celebration of the Eucharist was led by the bishopswherever they were present Provincial authorities and community members to give thanks, cherish his figure, and commend him to God that he may rest in peace.

That father Andrew spoke on the cell phone channel 13 and that assures Benedict XVI was fired as popebecause, despite his resignation in 2013, he is viewed by the church as one Emeritus Pope. For this reason, the Vatican funeral, open to all believers in the world, had all the rituals that are performed at the dismissal of a pope.

Likewise, the priest of San Juan related this in the Mis, in addition to asking about the soul of Ratzingerthey asked for him Pope Francisco This means that today he has a mission to lead the Catholic Church in the world. “He has the oar of Peter’s boat and we ask the Lord to strengthen him because he is also many years old and has his ailments.”he showed off

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“With much pain because he is a brother of ours, from the family of the Catholic Church. He was a father because of what he represented with his life, with his ministry. The pain is that while we were preparing for his departure because of his 95 years, they were already marking his next death, but one is never prepared for a father to leave.said the priest of the cathedral.

Father Andrés stressed that Catholics all over the world are certainly grateful and that everyone is talking about Benedict “The Great Lights of the 20th Century”. Just as he considered the German “a man who has made a great contribution to world thought, not just to the theology of the church. From philosophy and theology, he was able to talk to people of other religions, to non-believers, to the greatest philosophers of the 20th century on an equal footing. So it’s grateful because he was a very generous person with his thoughts, with his life as a pastor.

The parish priest of the cathedral pointed out that they released him from San Juan with joy because he had been received by God. “So it reminds me that we feel pain, we are grateful and we are glad that he is already in heaven,” he said. to express.

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Death of Benedict XVI: “He was the Pope of Truth”

“Two things must be considered, the papacy of John Paul II was a papacy of more than 25 years while Ratzingers did not reach eight years. Even so, He traveled extensively during his papacymore than twenty trips and He was in very interesting places that other popes could not reach. Above all in the interreligious dialogue and above all by going to places where there were open wounds.

Then the priest of San Juan was of the opinion that the age of the German bishop emeritus of Rome had a long life, so that his age played a strong role in his death. “The Lord called him at the age of 78, already an old man, so I think that with the short papacy and the age that he was, he cannot be compared to the other popes, but your post was really greatespecially because he was a friend of truth, who honored it, and had to go and heal where there was wounds and pains that the church used to want to look away or endure, and Ratzinger went and said it so that Christ was the Saviour , which you must have to bring your light into all darkness so that you could not negotiate with the darkness.

Father Andrés pointed out that the theme pederastythe Vatican financial controversies During his papacy problems were faced by the German pope “accepted in the name of Jesus and led them to sanction, to truth”.