The career of Stephan Bureau in five souvenir photos

The career of Stéphan Bureau in five souvenir photos

From radio to television


In 1989, Stéphan Bureau, 24, already had ten years of experience. After dedicating his heart and soul to Radio-Canada, particularly during the 1985 International Youth Year, he became a presenter of L’indice plus daily on Radio-Quebec during his university studies. Despite his young age, he had a remarkable background.

Great interviews


In the early 1990s, Stéphane Bureau embarked on the adventure of the Contact series, which allowed him to meet international luminaries from diverse backgrounds. A program that was broadcast throughout the Francophonie and brought him great honor. At the same time he was also a Washington correspondent for La Presse, L’actualité and TVA.

passion for communication


The host in full possession of his skills in the 1990s The Montreal-born son of teaching parents had known since he started working for teen magazine Téléjeans on Radio-Canada at the age of 13 that he wanted to work in the news industry. He hated school when he was young, but he was determined and confident.



In 1995, Stéphan Bureau made the 11pm leap onto the TVA Edition network, replacing Jacques Moisan as presenter when he joined the victorious morning team Salut bonjour with Guy Mongrain on the evening news after 16 years. Stéphan also hosted the TVA program L’Evènement on Sunday evenings.

change position


25 years ago, in 1997, Stéphan Bureau caused a stir in the journalistic world when he left his position as host of the popular TVA news program to become the New York correspondent for Le Téléjournal/Le Point de Radio-Canada. It was fair game for the two big channels as the popular Simon Durivage had just made the reverse journey to TVA.

Stéphan Bureau masterfully hosts the new 90-minute interview and debate show Le monde à l’envers live from TVA Studio A. He gathers around him a group of staff as well as a main guest to discuss topical issues and demonstrates that people to have a warm exchange with opposing opinions. His regular collaborators include Yasmine Abdelfadel, Gregory Charles, Louise Deschâtelets, Sophie Durocher, Biz, Raed Hammoud, Richard Martineau and Guy Nantel. Others may be added along the way. A beautiful programming concept, broadcast live, in front of an audience of around a hundred people, some of whom are chosen in relation to the topics discussed. The public at home is also addressed via TVA+ or a QR code. Fridays at 8 p.m. on TVA. Review on

You can also listen to Stéphan Bureau every weekday morning at 8am qub radio. At the side of host Philippe-Vincent Foisy, he reacts sharply to current issues.