The Cantolao and Stein players who could be summoned to the Bicolor by Juan Reynoso

The Cantolao and Stein players who could be summoned to the Bicolor by Juan Reynoso

A few days earlier, John Reynoso was introduced as the new coach of Peru national team for qualifying for the World Cup 2026. The national strategist wastes no time and is already analyzing some Betsson League 1 footballers to consider in this new era of bicolor.

During an interview for Silvio Valencia’s YouTube program, the ‘Cabezón’ admitted that he follows some players closely Academia Deportiva Cantolao j carlo stone.

“I have references to some Cantolao who are good, some to stone,” said the former Universitario de Deportes, FBC Melgar, Puebla, Cruz Azul and others coach.

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Who would be the Cantolao and Stein footballers that Juan Reynoso is following?

Yes OK John Reynoso did not reveal the names of the players of Academia Cantolao j carlo stone he has his sights set on, some clues could be drawn on the performance that elements of both teams have shown throughout the season.

In the case of the dolphin, there are two footballers who have consistently excelled: Jhamir D’Arrigo j Jesus Castillo. Both professionals also stood out in the match against Sporting Cristal, in which the “Cabezón” was in the stands.

D’Arrigo was educated in Cantolao. Photo: GLR

For his part, at the Lambayecan Club, Brandon Palacios He is one of the players who showed a good level at the local tournament. Last day he scored a brace against Sporting Cristal.

Brandon Palacios trained at Sporting Cristal. Photo: spread

In the next few days we will be able to see whether these mentioned athletes will fill the national coach’s eyes and be considered for the friendly against Mexico.