The bride invites all ex boyfriends to the wedding and

The bride invites all ex boyfriends to the wedding and sits them at a table: “So they can see what’s missing

Revenge is best served cold. When it’s served together – literally – not to one, but to a group of people, it adds even more flavor to those who prepared it. And so the story of a bride – as told by Der Spiegel – went viral: the girl invited all her parents ex-boyfriends At their wedding, she seated them at the same table with a sneaky and precise intent: “I wanted them to see what’s wrong with them,” she said (implying “after he left me”).

The bride invites her ex to the wedding

A short video from the reception after the ceremony was shared online and shows all the guests – ex-boyfriends unaware they would all be there together – sitting around the table with grim faces. They pretended to be quiet, but embarrassment showed on their faces. The bride’s revenge had hit the mark.


The video, filmed in China’s Hubei province on January 8, also shows a sign on the table – written in Chinese – that reads “Ex Boyfriends Table”. Ex-boyfriends who don’t seem to be enjoying the party much. Some tried to “drown” their anger in wine, others obviously had trouble seeing the woman happy on “their” day. Her embarrassment was compounded by the fact that her table – very ‘considerately’ set up and prominently displayed – had attracted the attention of many other guests. Vengeance had been served.

Last updated: Saturday 28 January 2023 15:48