The boy was hospitalized for hernia surgery and had a vasectomy

The boy was hospitalized for hernia surgery and had a vasectomy

The story of the boy who underwent incorrect surgery at Texas Children’s Hospital is going viral again. It was about a family who intervened a 4-year-old minor because he had a pelvic hernia that required surgery that day.

In the second half of 2021, an American couple worried about their son’s health for several weeks after he developed a groin infection. Mom and Dad took him to Dr. Susan L. Jarosz, who decided that the boy should have surgery.

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Therefore, the intervention was scheduled for August 4th. On that day, while removing the lump, the surgeon also performed a vasectomy on the body of the child under 4 years old; accidentally, they think.

Explaining the procedure and its shortcomings, the parents filed a lawsuit against the hospital.

“After the operation, the hernial sac was taken to pathology. The pathology report determined that tissue from the vas deferens was included in the submitted sample: an unwanted vasectomy,” the document reads.

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Although the doctor apologized to the family, the parents sued her for more than $250,000 for possible consequential damages to the minors. Likewise, her attorneys point out that there was medical negligence in causing fertility problems in the child of childbearing age.

“An involuntary vasectomy at age 4 is an unacceptable outcome when a patient is undergoing hernia repair. Furthermore, the emotional and psychological implications of living with this knowledge are unfathomable, first for the parents and then for the child themselves,” the specialists said, according to the Miami Herald.