1693608146 The bodies of a woman and her son were found

The bodies of a woman and her son were found in a hotel room in Valencia

Gardener BadajozImage of a National Police vehicle. NATIONAL POLICE

The lifeless bodies of a 54-year-old woman and her 25-year-old son were found early Friday afternoon in a hotel in the city of Valencia on Avenida Les Corts.

Agents from the National Police Homicide Unit are investigating the causes of death of both people, whose bodies were found in a hotel room on Avenue Les Corts Valencianes.

The police are keeping all hypotheses open and, according to the same sources, it will be the autopsy that determines the causes of both deaths. One of the hypotheses he is investigating is the possibility that the mother killed her son and then committed suicide.

According to the newspapers Levante-EMV and Las Provincias, the woman and her mentally disabled son arrived at the hotel of a well-known chain last Wednesday.

Both were of Colombian origin and had not been seen since their arrival. The facility’s employees went to the room where they were staying that Friday after being told that something bad might have happened, according to the newspaper’s version.

The Generalitat’s Emergency Information and Coordination Center (CICU) received the notification at 3:40 p.m. and a SAMU unit went to the scene, but could only determine the deaths of both, the Health Ministry told EFE.

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