The black micro bikini that made Michelle Salas fall in love with Ibiza |

The black micro bikini that made Michelle Salas fall in love with Ibiza |

Michelle Salas, the daughter of Luis MiguelShe is enjoying an extended and well-deserved vacation in Europe and is sharing details on social media.

He used his Instagram account to share photos and enjoy the weather Ibiza dressed in a small two-piece bathing suit.

The look consisted of two pieces, a black triangle bra with colorful laces that tied above her flat stomach and a small one to match Thong bikini in the same tone. She added a beach kimono with long ¾ sleeves.

She added square designer sunglasses, a subtle gold bracelet and a pair of tiny earrings and dainty necklaces.

She sported a natural look, with her face painted in light shades and her hair styled in a tight, high bun.

He posed on the deck of one I have already Advancing through the waters of the Balearic Sea during sunset. “The sea,” he wrote in the caption, with almost 20,000 reactions received immediately.

In a black and white video he has compiled some pictures he took during his stay on the island, food and boat trips. “Eat well, laugh often, love a lot,” he captioned the video.

Days before he arrived in Ibiza he was walking around St Tropez, France; Capri, Italy; and the Adriatic Sea in Croatia.

michelle halls He has built his life abroad, achieving success on his own, beyond the glory of his father or the Pinal dynasty to which he belongs.

When she came of age, the young woman moved to Los Angeles to begin her career as a fashion designer shortly thereafter new York to study college at Parsons.

Since settling in the United States, Salas has had the opportunity to work for high profile fashion brands such as Dolce & Gabbana, Chanel, Cartier and Tommy Hilfiger. He even managed to get an internship with Carolina Herrera.

She is currently the main motif of Carolina Herrera’s latest cosmetics collection, which was launched a few weeks ago.

“Hello everyone. I’m Michelle Salas and I’m showing you my makeup routine. Let’s go!” the influencer said in a promotional video in which she presents herself with a makeup tutorial.

It was last May ambassador the latest eyewear collection from the luxury brand and photographed a photo shoot in various designs.

The celebrity had lived a low-key life despite her family mediaa. She started bursting into the limelight when Luis Miguel openly recognized her as his daughter.

Despite her family’s fame, Michelle has always focused on her fashion career and doesn’t usually let the press intrude on her private life.

He currently lives in Madrid, with frequent Business trip to Mexico, New York and Los Angeles.


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