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The best winter tires for cars 2022-2023 | Automotive News presents its Guide to buying winter tires for 2022-2023. Today winter tires for cars and small SUVs.

Watch tomorrow: our guide to the best winter tires for SUVs and light trucks in Canada for 2022-2023

That’s it, here we go again! At the time of writing these lines, many motorists are beginning to care about the need for new tires for the coming winter. That need is felt even more strongly by drivers in Quebec, where winter tires will be mandatory from December 1, and in British Columbia, where they will be mandatory in certain parts of the province, including major northern and inland highways and particularly on the important sea -to-Sky route, in addition to some parts of Vancouver Island.

Demand for tires is strong this year as many motorists have had to keep their vehicles longer due to dealer stock shortages. Many will have to switch to new winter tires. Added to this is consumer awareness of tire quality and specifications. In other words, if you need new tyres, you can also buy them in advance, because good quality tires at a reasonable price sell out very quickly.

And if you don’t know the tire industry, you know that when a tire type or size is sold out, a tire retailer CANNOT make any others because the manufacturers have already switched to summer tire production!

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Canadian consumers are increasingly educating themselves about the quality of snow tires offered to them, but also about their performance. Of course, quality tires are sold at a higher price! Tires of the so-called “normal” quality are also subject to the laws of the market. If your budget limits your choices, at least choose big branded tires with serious guarantees.

The choice of a winter tire must be based on the needs of the driver. If you are a frequent driver who drives a lot in winter, you should look at a tire that performs better on ice or wet roads. If you drive primarily in the more mountainous northern regions, a tire with a more aggressive tread pattern would be a wise choice.

Some more fearful drivers will prefer studded tires (although in this niche you have to consider limitations such as refusing these studded products in underground garages!).

The icon you must see!

The icon you must see!

Tires approved for summer and winter
The latest trend (and the one gaining the most speed) is tires specifically designed for summer AND winter. But be careful, make sure they feature the mountain silhouette logo with a snowflake in the middle on the sides!

While changing tires twice a year is appealing, not much is known about the effectiveness of these tires. That’s why Auto 123 puts some of these (premium) tires to the test. However, it’s best to only consider them if you don’t use your car much in the winter, avoid driving it in heavy snowstorms, or don’t do a lot of mileage outside of urban situations.

Our first tests showed us that these tires are quiet and very efficient on dry or wet roads. However, they perform less well in deep or wet snow.