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The Best Smash Burgers in Quebec | JDM – Le Journal de Montréal

Like 12e Burger Week takes over the country from January 1stum Since September 14th, I think it’s important to introduce you to my favorite places in the province to enjoy an excellent smash burger. You know that burger with a shredded meatball that has a crispy edge but remains juicy and tender in the middle?

This style of burger looks rather simple, but hides behind very technical know-how to achieve an optimal result. The weight of the dumpling, its composition (the fat percentage), the way it is mashed, the importance of assembly and packaging are some elements that must be taken into account to obtain a good result.

Curious ? Here are some good places to enjoy the best smash burgers in Quebec!

The hamburger

The Best Smash Burgers in Quebec JDM – Le

Photo provided by Le Cuisinomane

For my taste, we find (equally) the best smash burger in Quebec at this address. Simplicity, freshness of ingredients, consistency and optimal ratio of individual elements are the four main reasons. I like that they’re relatively light and digestible without compromising the pleasure of biting into an umami bomb. It melts; it is juicy; It’s rich and intense in flavor, while the edges of the two 65 gram balls crack as desired. Purists take it plain (without toppings), but every normal burger is served with lettuce, cucumber and secret sauce. The crowning glory is a KitKat milkshake.

Double’s Late Night

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Photo provided by Le Cuisinomane

Double’s Late Night is the newest thing in town. We go there first to understand renowned chef Danny Smile and his partner Victor-Alex’s reinterpretation of the perfect dive bar, then we stay for the food – including the famous smash burger with Michigan sauce. As for the atmosphere, think of a pool table, TVs broadcasting sporting events at any time, a long bar with a few tables and benches, fridges filled with Bud Light, Corona and Red Bull… All in a completely dark environment cut off from reality. We enjoy one of the best burgers in the city, which we accompany with excellent small vegetable dishes, a fried onion flower and delicious cocktail prawns.

Chez Simon Cantine Urbaine

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Photo provided by Le Cuisinomane

Simon is a foodie: you notice it from the first visual contact with this addictive device, then you taste it as soon as it touches your palate. The “Signature Smash” is an experience in itself and is generously garnished with capicollo, American cheddar cheese, caramelized onions, pickles and house sauce. If you are looking for something special, you are in paradise! To complete the experience, I recommend the chili cheese fries (fries with homemade chili, cheese, sour cream and cilantro) and/or a hot dog.

Miss Inès

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Photo provided by Miss Inès

She’s 16 years old, a restaurant chef, and three books behind her tie (or rather, her apron). She has fun in the kitchen, an infectious joy for life and remains modest, self-critical and strict. I must say that all these beautiful qualities are reflected first in the menu and then in the tasting of his creations. Miss Inès doesn’t make Monday burgers; It offers cooked, complex burgers designed to provide an experience. A truffle burger with caramelized mushrooms, bacon, cheddar and (three!) meatballs, another raclette burger with bacon, mustard maple sauce, cucumber and tomato chutney, and not forgetting the final addition, the cheesy Bury- Bacon burger made with melted cheese, flambéed with bourbon. Also note that the bread with mashed potatoes and maple flakes is the result of several months of research and development. One waffle, one burger and you’re fat until the next day.

Holy burgers

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Photo provided by Holy Burgers

Fast-food concept Holy Burgers, which arrived in Quebec a few months ago, wants to capitalize on Montreal’s craze for smash burgers and bring it to the region. For now, residents of Quebec and Trois-Rivières can enjoy the decadence of burgers Holy offers. The creations range from the simplest (lettuce, tomatoes and homemade sauce) to the most gluttonous (two beef meatballs with cheese, onion ring, honey, lettuce and mayonnaise or even with pulled pork and bacon). We are very satisfied with the result. The meatball is crispy light, it’s melty, it’s rich… The homemade sauce, like mayonnaise with grill seasonings, adds just the right touch of sweetness and complexity. A little pleasure!

Eat in my area

The Best Smash Burgers in Quebec JDM – Le

Photo provided by Le Cuisinomane

The Eat in my Hood snack is deliberately inspired by the very popular American chain In-N-Out Burger, which specializes in smash burgers – and the desire to share their endless love for the burger and fries duo – and has everything that makes us feel nostalgic. I told you that L’Hamburger was tied for best smash burger in Quebec: sharing the first step of the podium here. Before Mitch, co-founder and number 1 smash burger fanatic in Quebec, came up with the “perfect burger,” he spent three years testing all possible combinations (patty weight, fat ratio, “shredding” methods). », the packaging, the sauce) to finally achieve this result. I recommend the “Cali” with onions, lettuce, tomatoes and cucumbers, the small banana and pepper baggy and the “Ol Dirty Fries”, whose fries are cooked in beef fat and garnished with cheese sauce and fried onions. Nice atmosphere included!


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Photo provided by Citizen

For Christian Ventura, vegan cuisine no longer holds any secrets. As a chef at the helm of restaurants Lov, Sushi Bloom, Sushi Momo and Bvrger, his reputation is well established – and for good reason. The latter masters botanical ingredients like no other and demonstrated this again at Bvrger, where he tackled the legendary North American sandwich, the hamburger. The vegan burgers he offers are as original as they are decadent: take the “Mac’Greb” with garlic harissa, fried zucchini, roasted red pepper puree, apricots marinated in mint tea or the “Orient Express” with eggplant caviar, creamy “feta” , coriander, sumac onions and lemon aioli. Complete the vegan experience with truffle fries, the chef’s salad and/or a homemade smoothie.

Tommy Dion is a food columnist/critic and founder of the web platform and gourmet guide