The beluga rescued after a week in the Seine died: “His suffering was obvious, he was ill …

The beluga rescued after a week in the Seine died: “His suffering was obvious, he was ill …

IS The beluga died who had been rescued from the waters of His. After the excitement about the successful rescue on Tuesday evening, the prefect of the Calvados department in France announced the death today: The vets decided to suppress it after his health deteriorated. The whale had been recovered from the waters of the Seine during the night in hopes of transporting it to a saltwater tank in Normandy, where it was treated after an initial visit revealed the male’s lack of digestive activity, measuring four meters long and about 800 pounds heavy. But then more detailed examinations confirmed the seriousness of his health condition.

“The animal was suffering, it wasn’t breathing enough, it was sick and couldn’t feed itself. So we decided it had to be suppressed,” reported Bfm veterinarian Ollivet Courtois. “We are shocked by this tragic outcome which we knew was very likely, but we thank everyone who worked for this unprecedented mobilization: firefighters, health workers and volunteers,” wrote French environmental organization Sea Shepherd France on Twitter, highlighting how The operation was ‘risky’ but ‘essential’ to give an otherwise doomed animal a chance. The beluga, pulled from the Seine in an overnight rescue operation, died in Calvados during transport to Ouistreham: it was euthanized during transfer from a lock on the Eure to the port of Ouistreham, where it was to remain a few days to be cured.


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