The beautiful summer weather is setting in Its going to

The beautiful summer weather is setting in: It’s going to be hot in Quebec this weekend

We had to wait until the end of May for Quebec’s long-standing good summer weather to set in, putting the country on course for the first heat wave of the year next week.

Quebecers can therefore say goodbye to the gray weather that had caused a drop in mercury in recent days, as the weather forecast for the weekend with the first humidex in the south of the province looks good.

Environment Canada forecasts the weather on Saturday and Sunday will take on a truly summery feel with generous sunshine and temperatures topping 25 degrees in most parts of Quebec.

In southern Quebec, particularly in Ouatais and Greater Montreal, the thermometer is reading 27 degrees over the weekend and not a cloud would spoil that feeling of summer heat at the end of May.

The sun will be present in the azure sky in the center of the province and temperatures will be comfortable, especially in Estrie, in Quebec and even in sectors a little further north, such as Saguenay, where temperatures will be 29 °C, according to the federal agency temperatures on Saturday.

The fair weather streak will begin across Quebec on Friday except for the eastern parts of the province, where intermittent rain is expected before the sun rises again the next day and mercury levels rise.