The beautiful actress from the Pantanal has come out as

The beautiful actress from the Pantanal has come out as a lesbian and is in love with a woman

In the first phase of Pantanal, Bruna Linzmeyer gave something to tell if Madeleine lived. In the plot, she was living a platonic love with José Leôncio and went missing when the soap opera switched phases.

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As one of the most respected actresses of the new generation, her appearance in the soap opera also increased her curiosity about Bruna Linzmeyer’s intimate life. For those who don’t know, the actress is 29 years old and an open lesbian. The information is considered one of the most beautiful actresses in the Pantanal and surprised new fans.

Bruna LinzmeyerBruna Linzmeyer as Madeleine in the Pantanal (Photo: reproduction)

Bruna Linzmeyer is with the DJ Martha Supernova for a while and usually declares himself his lover on social media. In a recent interview with Quem, she revealed that she made a song for her lover and commented on the surprise she made for her lover.

“I’ve been writing for a while. I wrote her a poem that sets this text to music. It’s about love, about our love. I’ve never had major problems in love, but I’m in a good place. More peaceful,” said Bruna Linzmeyer.

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During the interview, the actress from the Pantanal assured that she had no intention of becoming a singer and that the song was only a gift for her beloved: “This song is a halfspoken poem. I’m more interested in composition than singing. I say this now. If you ask that next week, I might change my mind.”

Bruna Linzmeyer has had great roles in Globo soap operas and, despite not having a permanent contract, is one of the most soughtafter projects in the house. In the Pantanal, in which she only took part, she gained a lot of notoriety and was remembered to the end.

Bruna Linzmeyer talks to her friend DJ Marta Supernova about music and projects (Photo: Reproduction/Instagram)