The Band of Cabochons of the Year

The Band of Cabochons of the Year

A bunch of cabochons.

Sorry, there are no other words to describe the people at the top of the Montreal Pride organization.


Cancel the same morning!

You have one year to plan a fashion show.

A year.

this is your job That’s why you receive grants in the millions.

To plan a parade.

One, not two.


That’s why thousands of people come from all over Quebec and around the world.

To see the Pride Parade in Montreal. The party city is known internationally for its openness and its Pride parade, which is one of the most exciting and festive in the world.

But on the very morning of the event, as community organizations dragging the devil by the tail hang their final banner on their allegorical floats…

As thousands of attendees who made their way to Montreal try on their costumes and blush one last time…

While Ginette and Gérard put their last can of coke in their cooler to cheer on the gays on Sainte-Catherine and support their grandson who came out last week…

You announce that you are pulling the plug… because you forgot to hire the necessary staff to ensure the security of your event???

SOS the city!

And don’t damn call the city of Montreal and ask for help!

This is cabochon by cabochon!

Seems to be the first thing that comes to mind when you realize you’re missing volunteers because you’ve been wondering how many letters and numbers to add to LGBTQ2+ instead of doing your job, your real one, for a year Job, the job for which you receive millions in subsidies, the mayor should call on the PC!

It is sure that the city will help you, let’s see!

The Pride Parade is one of the most important events in the city!

One of his best ads!

A golden business card!

It is certain that Valérie Plante will fight like a car driver spinning in circles on the roads of the plateau!

But no.

Not even bright enough for that. “Honey, we don’t have enough staff, well, we have to cancel…”

At this point, calling these people cabochons is an insult to cabochons around the world.

A new word should be invented.

A captain in the storm!

And Simon Gamache, the general manager of Pride Montreal, who announced that he has no intention of resigning!

“I think in a storm you need someone. Right now it’s me,” he had the guts to say on Radio-Canada.

“It is fundamental for us to ensure that everything we do is responsible for our communities,” said Simon Gamache when announcing his organization’s decision to ban police officers from taking part in the parade. Proudly under the pretext that the SPVM is not sufficiently “inclusive”.


Are you kidding, Mr. Gamache?

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