The awaited clarification between Edoardo Tavassi and Attilio Romita    Big Brother VIP |  GFVIP 7    Big Brother

The awaited clarification between Edoardo Tavassi and Attilio Romita Big Brother VIP | GFVIP 7 Big Brother

Attilius spoke with Antonella, Sarah and jael of the events that led to the journalist’s disappointment. The VIPs are in the cortiletto and follow the main stages of the competitor’s speech and statements.

In short, Attilio complains about it Edward and Tavassi They manage almost all entertainment activities in the house. The competitor claims that the two VIPs have been tasked with managing movies, games and more on multiple occasions, but end up only affecting the people they care about.

An injustice, according to the journalist, that affects the balance of the house. “charlie he had tried not to form groups and in five minutes you made many,” Attilio says to Giaele, recalling the gift given to Onestini by a small group.

This gesture gave the pretext to create Spartans and Persians, and with them the division of the competitors. In addition, the journalist was annoyed that his professionalism seems to be overshadowed by competitors and that he prefers to turn to Tavassi rather than him, especially when it comes to organizing the TG, a special under Attilio’s responsibility.

The discourse continues between ideas, opinions, clarifications and explanations, as does Cortiletto micol, Onestini and Tavasi. The latter takes the opportunity to confront Attilio as both competitors are disappointed in the other’s behavior.

The journalist and his friend are so far removed from the friendship of the past few days. On the one hand, Attilio is annoyed that Tavassi did not understand him, while Tavassi is disappointed by the journalist and that he only listened to his opinion afterwards.

Both shrug off guilt and accusations in order to reach clarification, but also to reach a comparison. Tavassi explains that people are turning to him not to change what Attilio has planned, but to help: “They say I’m going to Tavassi to develop the idea,” says the VIP.

“If you see it as a team concept, that’s fine, but if you look at it from the point of view of self-defeating, you’re wrong,” continues the competitor, who insists the journalist understands the deep appreciation and deeply good that binds her: “Two heads are better than one, but you have to tell me if something doesn’t suit you”.

Attilio says he’s being cooperative, but his friend tries to clarify one last point: “Why can’t you take the positives and talk to me about what doesn’t suit you?”

Attilio has shown himself more inclined to accept his weaknesses and reveal them to his friends, especially Tavassi. “As for the rest, my apologies, I didn’t do it in bad faith; but if there’s a problem with me, you tell me and we’ll take care of it,” the candidate continues.

Attilio, however, allows himself to be carried away to a final painful statement: “I felt total disinterest in me on your part.”

A confirmation that, however, melts Tavassi, who impatiently and lovingly affirms: “One more perception you have, I slowly try to deny them all and I always succeed.”

The two contestants embrace, proving that they are well fed. Will they organize activities together again to keep the rowdy roommates entertained?